Engaging Every Student was founded by veteran educator Rick Reynolds in 2009 with the mission to help make the learning process more compelling and meaningful. We work with partner organizations to create engaging educational resources such as curriculum, graphics, and e-learning, and provide training and consulting to schools, businesses, governmental agencies, and nonprofit organizations.

Our philosophy is exemplified by our logo, which we share with our sister company, Engaging Press. The hand is like those we traced when we were children. Remember cutting yours out and decorating it, and then proudly displaying it on the classroom wall or presenting it to your parents? We remember educational experiences like this one because they are active and they allow us to engage our creativity and produce something we can share with others. This is foremost in our minds even when we are integrating new technologies into the learning process.

The hand is brightly colored to symbolize engagement and alertness, and it leans forward to represent student activity. It points up to symbolize a student who has raised her hand to make a contribution or ask a compelling question in class, as well as the positive results that come from making the learning process more student-centered, active, visual, and enjoyable.

The bright blue circle symbolizes the world made better by the actions of young people, as well as their own futures, enriched by meaningful educational experiences.

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