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Praise for Marco the Molecule

Daniela and Joshua Micu with Rick Reynolds

“Rick Reynolds has accomplished the challenging task of combining significant science content in a way that is entertaining for elementary age children. Marco the Molecule, subtitled a Water Adventure and Activity Book, does a beautiful job of explaining the water cycle, but also engages children with appealing drawings that beg little hands to grab a box of crayons. The book includes fifteen pages of activities (with an answer key) that are designed for a wide age range. How fitting that it is published by Engaging Press, since this book is truly an engaging way to teach about the water cycle!”
Herb Broda, Ph.D., author of Schoolyard-Enhanced Learning: Using the Outdoors as an Instructional Tool, K-8 and Moving the Classroom Outdoors: Schoolyard-Enhanced Learning in Action.

“My kids love Marco!! After one read, my 5- and 7-year-olds describe the water cycle in detail. They are fascinated that everything in the world is made of molecules and are identifying all sorts of places where they might find Marco and his friends.”
Amy Hansen, Portland, OR

“My 6- and 9-year-old boys thoroughly enjoy Marco the Molecule: Water Adventure and Activity Book! They fight over it, and I am happy (of course) to see them fighting over an EDUCATIONAL WORKBOOK!! My 6-year-old, Joshua, and I got a chance to personally meet the author . . . Mr. Reynolds is an excellent educator, and a natural at teaching children about the environment around us. His knowledge and genuine admiration of the outdoors makes my little ones so curious about the world we live in. Joshua and his older brother, Julian, spent most of the evening last night working on Marco the Molecule, and later on Mr. Reynolds’ other book: The EverGreen Twins Activity Book: 40+ Eco-Activities, Games, and Outdoor Adventures. There’s nothing like watching their little minds absorb knowledge. They become curious about what we expose them to. THANK YOU for creating these wonderful books!!!”
Daniela Micu, Portland, OR

“I really like Marco because he has a lot of funny friends and he teaches us about the world.”
Siana Yanosy, Age 5

“I think it’s exciting and really dramatic what happens to such a tiny thing!”
Nathaniel Eddleman-Hanley, Age 9

“There are so many things I love about the book. It is awesome! I love learning about evaporation and I also love learning about how Marco did so much in the time of the dinosaurs, too. All the activities in the back, like the H2O-ku and word search are awesome, too!”
Ben Petrie, Age 7

“Absolutely fantastic! I love Marco in every way. I LOVE how you made it interactive for all ages. My 8-year-old daughter, Anna, quickly snatched it from my hands as soon as it came out of the envelope! She read through it, started coloring it, and then…completed the crossword puzzle–all in half an hour’s time.”
Kara Flockart, Stratford, CT

Praise for The EverGreen Twins Activity Book

Naomi Harper

Rick Reynolds and Naomi Harper at the Green Schools National Conference

“I LOVE the book because the graphics perfectly illustrate the concepts. I had to buy a second one to share it with a friend!”
Naomi Harper, Teacher, Will Rodgers Middle School, Fair Oaks, CA

“This book is such an amazing resource because it provides simple and accessible ways to approach nature, environmental issues, and sustainability. If you’re interested in providing top notch environmentally oriented experiences for your kids, this book is definitely for you!”
Matthew Collins, Education Director, Tryon Creek State Forest, Portland, OR

“My daughter instantly gravitated towards this book, and her father and I are excited to see her interacting with the great content. Thanks!”
Johanna Brickman
Portland, OR

“My son LOVES the book!!! He is a bit of a hard sell, too, so you have really nailed it!”
Kelly Hogan, Teacher
Mother Earth School, Portland, OR

Maggie with the EverGreen Twins

Rick Reynolds and Maggie Salter during a visit to Glencoe Elementary School in Portland, OR.

“My students and I love this book! They were so excited about it, that they requested we do EVERY activity. We’re currently wrapping up the Organism Organizer activity and they’ve had so much fun with it. Thank you for putting together such a great resource!”
Lillian Kidwell, Teacher
St. Clare School, Portland, OR

“I recently purchased this book and am so excited to start using the activities in it. I am a educator and involved with activities at my church. I believe this book will be a wonderful resource.”
Lily Todd, Hillsboro, OR

“Team up with the EverGreen Twins to explore the ecology and action behind Sustainability. The engaging characters and activities will be sure to both educate and entertain students. The content is current and relevant, integrated and important.”
Jessica C. Levine, M.Ed., NBCT
Eckstein Middle School, Seattle, WA
2009 Outstanding Formal Environmental Educator, Environmental Education Association of Washington

“The EverGreens are EverGreat!”
Maggie Salter, Age 11, Portland, OR

Mika and book

Mika Standard poses with her favorite activity.

“I love it that the book becomes the child’s with their own words, drawings, and coloring in all the charts and everything that can be filled out. I hope this is just the first book of many!”
Cheri Rydbeck, Mother and Grandmother, Kent, WA

“The book is great. It should be translated into every language, including Ethiopian, so we can get it to all of the children in my country.”
Yasin D’Darmulo, Ph.D. candidate in Sustainable Development and Education, University of Muenster, Germany

“Absolutely lovely. Thank you.”
Kimberly Haverkos, Mother of four and doctoral student in Educational Leadership, Miami University, Ohio

“Thank you for the great activity book. Our 5-year-old daughter colors in it every day! We can’t wait to do some of the projects.”
Jaime and Melissa Valdez, Wilsonville, OR

“It’s awesome! And really do try the Kangaroo Rat Hop!”
Mika Stanard, Age 12, Portland, OR

Attendees of the National Association of Environmental Educators Conference, 2010

HyunJin Hong of South Korea and Nurmalia Adrolia of Indonesia during the 2010 annual conference of the North American Association of Environmental Educators

“Very interesting activities. I have tried to create a curriculum that teaches about sustainability, but this book is very helpful to me.”
HyunJin Hong, Elementary School Teacher, South Korea

Reviews in the Press

Local environmental educator takes hands-on approach to conservation education.
Clair Oliver, The Southwest Community Connection, May 31, 2012, p. 12.

Local author/educator makes learning about the environment fun for kids.
James Bash, The Hollywood Star News

“Book inspires eco exploring for younger set.
Julia Silverman, Portland Tribune

Interview with Rick Reynolds for Exploring Portland’s Natural Areas by Michael Barton

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