Digital Citizenship for All Ages

I recently attended a meeting of knowledgeable instructional coordinators, library media specialists, and district administrators from the West Linn-Wilsonville School District in Oregon who shared strategies for promoting the digital citizenship and media savvy of our students and families. The proliferation of digital technology provides countless potential benefits, but it also necessitates thoughtful discussion and critical thinking exercises to ensure that it is used appropriately in ways that maximize its benefits and minimize potential harm.

Kate Donegan, the instructional coordinator at Trillium Creek Primary, shared a letter to parents which explained the concept of digital citizenship and how it was being taught at the school. The letter struck just the right balance between the need to educate our students about the appropriate, safe use of technology without making parents or students overly fearful. Parents were given examples of digital citizenship skills being taught and how they related to important learning standards.

Below are some of the best resources on the Web for promoting a higher level of understanding about appropriate and responsible technology use for all ages.

Resources for All Learners, Educators, and Parents

Elementary Activites, Articles, and Lesson Ideas

Activites, Resources, and Lessons for Teens
(and their Teachers and Parents)

Thank you for engaging others in this important topic and feel free to suggest more great resources!
– Rick Reynolds