I have been inspired by the success of dual immersion language programs, which are engaging students and supporting the development of two languages, such as Spanish and English, naturally and enjoyably.

The proliferation of technology resources provides countless additional ways to meet the needs of diverse learners, both during and beyond the school day. In addition, the readily available language learning tools provide opportunities for everyone to learn a new language and support dual language immersion students, including family members who want to better support children enrolled in the programs. And for people like me who are brushing up on Spanish skills that have been dormant for too long, interactive e-books, games, videos, and other Spanish language resources can help build proficiency incredibly fast…painlessly and joyfully. Have fun exploring these wonderful resources for building Spanish language skills for all ages!

Spanish Language GamesCurious George Juegos

Spanish Portals

Spanish Language E-Books and More for Emerging Readers

  • Cuentos Interactivos
    Wonderful interactive stories for Spanish immersion students
  • BookFlix (subscription or available through your local library)
    Sort by Spanish; includes many nonfiction books, including those paired with engaging fictional stories
  • StoryPlace
  • TumbleBooks (subscription or available through your school or local library)
    Search Spanish or just click Language Learning; also includes some games and video
  • WiggleWorks (grades preK-3; subscription or available through your school or local library)
  • Library2go (access through Oregon libraries)
  • ABC Literatura Infantil
  • Caballeros y Castillos

Spanish Language Reference Websites

Spanish Learning Activities to Print

Apps for Kids / All Ages

Software / Apps for Adults / Teens

Spanish Language Theater

More Resources

Enjoy and please let me know about other exceptional resources!
Rick Reynolds