We have been proud to work with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and over 50 partners from around the West to create resources which help teachers get students thinking critically about the sagebrush ecosystem and ways to protect the diverse species that live there. Ten lesson plans were developed in collaboration with a broad range of partners including federal and state agencies, classroom educators, nonprofit organizations, and ranchers. The lessons and supporting resources have been reviewed by dozens of partners, and the excellent feedback has been incorporated into the revised curriculum.

The FREE resources include:

  • Inquiry, Exploration, and Service Learning in the Sagebrush Ecosystem curriculum with 10 lesson plans aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core State Standards
  • Sagebrush Ecosystem Trunks created by Audubon Rockies with support from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM); contain hands-on resources including skulls, activities, and books
  • Recorded webinars
  • “Sagebrush Ecosystems” poster
  • Multimedia presentations to support the lessons
  • Student-size poster (8.5×11″ version of “Sagebrush Ecosystems”)

Click here for U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service sagebrush education resources produced by Rick Reynolds and Engaging Every Student in partnership with over 50 partners from around the West, including Audubon Rockies, BLM, the Nature Conservancy, the Idaho Rangeland Resource Commission, and the states. Research has shown the many benefits of getting students outside to connect with nature, so optional field experiences and service learning opportunities are available.

More Free Sagebrush Education Resources

Sagebrush Ecosystem Curriculum
"Plant Wars of Succession" Game: From the "Succession in the Sagebrush Ecosystem" lesson
Sagebrush Ecosystems Poster
Sagebrush Ecosystem Trunk
Student in a sage-grouse mask that she decorated; see the mask activity in the left column
"The Sagebrush Steppe" Poster from Audubon Rockies

Sagebrush Ecosystem Educational Videos / Films

Sagebrush Ecosystem Story & Activity Books for Kids

  • Sammy’s Quest to Save the West from BLM Idaho
    Kids follow Sammy through a story and activities in the Junior Ranger Series that explain how sage-grouse like him and some of the other 350 species in sagebrush lands meet challenges to their survival. Along the way they learn about ways to protect the various species, including helping to protect their lands from wildfires. Mixed-media collages by Antonia Hedrick are a wonderful addition to the book.
  • Rockie’s Sagebrush Adventures from Audubon Rockies
    Children learn about the sagebrush steppe through the beautifully illustrated adventures of 3 wildlife characters as they learn about the ecosystem and  how each of them survives in their habitat.
  • Explore Sagebrush Prairie KIDs Activity Booklet from the Project WET Foundation
  • Sally Sage-Grouse Explores Idaho Junior Explorer booklet for students in grades 4-6 (and younger) from BLM Idaho
  • Seriously Sage-Grouse activity book for elementary students from the Sage-Grouse Initiative
  • Native Plants Junior Explorer. BLM
Sammy's Quest to Save the West
Rockie's Sagebrush Adventures

Nonfiction Books, Online Guides, Articles and Apps for All Ages

Pocket Guide to Sagebrush Birds

Meet Educational Standards

All of the sagebrush ecosystem lesson plans were aligned to the:

Technology Tools

iNaturalist is a wonderful online tool/app to record observations, create field guides, and/or share them with the world!

Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)
Common Core State Standards