Krista Reynolds, Library + Information Solutions Consultant

In addition to supporting Engaging Every Student’s education projects, Krista provides library and information management services, with a focus on academic libraries and non-profits.

Professional Background
Krista has worked in libraries for 20+ years. She has 14+ years of experience providing research services, working with information management systems, creating curriculum, and teaching. She is passionate about helping organizations optimize their work by curating information and maintaining efficient and effective information systems. She is also dedicated to engaging diverse learners with information literacy and other topics using effective instructional design (e.g. universal design for learning) and collaborating with educators to meet students’ educational needs. Her extensive professional writing and copyediting experience demonstrate an exceptional attention to detail. Krista is adept at relationship-building, obtaining feedback from multiple stakeholders, and communicating information in multiple ways. She holds a Master of Library and Information Science degree from the University of Washington, a Master of Education degree from Concordia University, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Willamette University.

Services provided

  • Academic and other research
  • Assessment and survey development
  • Content curation
  • Digital assets management
  • Creation of learning objects (e.g. tutorials, guides, and videos)
  • Information and information systems audits
  • Curriculum development (e.g. information literacy, training materials)
  • Library services consulting
  • Training
  • Writing and editing

Inspire learners. Working in collaboration, we will help your community attain knowledge, skills, and attitudes by designing and creating learning objects that are accessible, visually appealing, and that stimulate critical thinking.

Optimize information flow. To maximize your organization’s ease of finding assets or content, we will audit systems and plan and implement effective management solutions.

Articulate your impact. We will review your assessment plan and activities and help you implement strategies for aligning assessment with your mission, goals, and standards.

Use the best research. We will conduct literature reviews and other research projects to ensure your decision-making and projects are high quality and evidence-based. No research project is too large or too small!



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photo of Krista Reynolds