“Fight the Bites!” Video Game

We created the free new educational video game “Fight the Bites!” for Clackamas County Vector Control. It’s an interactive adventure story set in “Clackamas Land.” Players help surprising characters stay safe from mosquitoes while exploring science concepts and having fun. Don’t let Mosquitula bite you!

Learn more and choose from different versions of the game at fightthebites.com.

They also offers free mosquito life cycle kits, books, and more that have been a blast to help them create!

Kidspiration + Kidspiration International Ed.

As an Education Development Manager at Inspiration Software, Rick Reynolds helped to create Kidspiration® 3 and Kidspiration 3 International Edition, each with over 150 activities, as well as lesson plans, symbol libraries, and exemplars aligned to standards. He also created numerous training videos and webinars to help educators use the software to support student learning.