CO2 Foundation Website

Rick Reynolds created in collaboration with the foundation’s leadership. Rick also volunteers as part of their Education Team, and Krista provides consulting on asset management. We share their passion for reducing carbon dioxide emissions and the impacts of extreme weather, as well as the need to pursue carbon sequestration initiatives, such as restoring ecosystems and technological solutions.

Ranger Roy Explore Website

Rick Reynolds created the Ranger Roy Explore website and edited the content in collaboration with Ranger Roy Simpson, the Oregon Commission for the Blind, and Roy’s daughter, Cat, who designed the beautiful logo. Roy is a good friend and talented retired National Park Service Ranger who recently became legally blind as the result of an illness. It was a joy and honor to help him create this 100% accessible website that is a resource to ALL Internet users, including those who are blind. Rick got to know Roy through service on the Board of the Environmental Education Association of Oregon.

ShareOregon Website

ShareOregon is a new website created by Rick Reynolds which helps locals and visitors find and post the best things to do in Oregon: outdoor adventures, events, places, volunteer opportunities, workshops, and more. Check it out!