We have been honored to work with SOLVE, one of the oldest and most-respected environmental organizations, to produce a variety of resources, including education boards, website content, and a 100+ page Environmental Service-Learning Teachers’ Guide with lesson plans aligned to standards and adaptations/extensions to meet the needs of diverse learners. This curriculum was developed in collaboration with the organization’s Education and Green Team coordinators, as well as a variety of other educators who have successfully integrated environmental service-learning projects, including riparian restoration and litter and marine debris education and removal. The project was recently completed and is in the process of being printed. Contact us or SOLVE’s Education Coordinator Quintin Bauer if you have questions or would like to receive a copy of the guide.

As it is distributed we look forward to gaining additional feedback which will be integrated into the guide and other resources over time. The guide also includes pre- and post-tests and feedback forms which will be given to every student who participates to gather additional data to measure outcomes and continually improve the program.

Producing resources like these which help teachers and students is a primary focus at Engaging Every Student, and we list a variety of other projects on this site, including training resources, multimedia content, posters, and books of lesson plans aligned to learning standards in all content areas. Many of these were created in collaboration with other educators who tested the lessons with their students and provided feedback which we used to improve the curricular materials. It is so rewarding to work with like-minded colleagues to engage students . . . and hopefully also help those students contribute to making the world a better place.

SOLVE Environmental Service-Learning Teacher's Guide