At a recent meeting of the Place-Based Education NW group I was so inspired to meet Stuart Perlmeter from the WELL (Water and Electricity Learning Lab) Project in Springfield, OR. He leads groups of high school and middle school students in professional-level water testing and other scientific investigations that result in usable data.

What has been the cost to the school district over the many years of this incredibly successful program? $0. The Springfield Utility Board and other agencies cover the entire cost of program, including Stuart’s compensation, high-end equipment for all of the students, and transportation. In return, they receive professional-quality data that support the health of all of the areas’ residents, human and non-human alike, and other benefits. And the students receive invaluable real-life experience that connects them to their local environment and allows them to give back to their community.

Watch the video below to learn more, or click here to learn more about all the innovative initiatives of the WELL Project.

– Rick Reynolds