Matty the Molecule

Explore the ocean and ways of water with Matty the water molecule and friends!

Matty the Water Molecule game

Join creator Rick Reynolds, M.S.Ed., for an adventure in professional development (PD) for educators! Explore hands-on, place-based and Scratch coding content that go beyond the game experience to take student learning to the next level. Click here for a recording of the May 23, 2024 webinar.

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The game is targeted to grades 3 – 5 and useful as a resource for grades preK – 12. A narrated story supports emerging readers and development of literacy skills. Each scene can be played separately, for maximum flexibility. Students can even create additional adventures, stories and games featuring Matty and water molecule friends using Scratch.

The game was created based on feedback from educators, students, and scientists. Take a journey around the world with Matty and water molecule friends. Explore the ocean, from coral reefs to the deep sea, helping fascinating creatures survive. Use solar energy to warm up and evaporate, then connect back to your friends to form a raindrop through the process called condensation.

Continue on your adventures back down to Earth, pulled by the force of gravity to begin more exciting adventures. Learn how this incredible journey known as the water cycle is changing, and take action to build climate-adapted communities.

Thank You Funders + Supporters!

We received funding from the CO2 Foundation and Foundation for Water & Energy Education (FWEE), which allowed us to make this free new adventure video game with interactive story and hands-on activities freely available. Input was provided by many other valuable partners, including:

Thank you all so much for making the game and overall initiative possible!

Aligned to Standards

The resources are aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core standards.

The game features main character Matty the Molecule and water molecule friends. They made their debut in the children’s book Marco the Molecule, created by Rick Reynolds, M.S.Ed..

Our Motivation

The project is in part a response to educational community demand for effective updated water cycle educational materials, as well as the need for climate science education and ocean literacy resources.

It is important to ensure that people of all ages have accurate information about water resources, our changing climate, and opportunities to mitigate impacts and adapt. Tools like the Matty game and hands-on activities can help educators to easily integrate the concepts. Let’s work together to educate all ages about the science driving extreme whether events, reduce greenhouse gasses, and forge a more resilient world together.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions or comments.

The Ocean Chapter Title

Chapter 1 levels: The Ocean

Coral Reef
Coral Reef Level
Water Molecule Friends

Matty and some water molecule friends: Join us to help them preserve a vibrant Earth!